Tally Add Ons

What are Tally Add Ons?

Tally Add Ons are a set of very useful tools that are not part of the standard features of Tally. Tally.ERP 9 and Tally Prime has features that are developed keeping in mind the masses but there are many needs which are specific to a particular industry only and not useful to others. For that Tally has provided a mechanism to develop, customize, and add functionalities to the software. Based on our long experience with various customers from multiple industries we now provide some standardized and ready to use Tally Add Ons for our clients.

List of Some Add Ons

Construct your reports in excel using data from Tally without programming knowledge. Convert your existing excel report formats into sheet magic reports. It also allows you to generate reports from multiple Tally companies are hosted across remote servers.
An enhanced security module for companies where the user can be restricted for creation/alteration/cancellation/deletion/printing of a specific voucher type based on his/her respective user name. The administrator can also restrict the usage of default Tally facilities like upload, email, export, etc. for a user.
Blocks the creation of transactions like sales invoice, delivery note, and stock journal vouchers in case the issued quantity is more than the available stock.
Maintain & Reports the entire trail of a voucher starting from its creation to alteration (any no. of times), by whom and on what date with time.
Maintain & Reports the entire trail of a voucher starting from its creation to alteration (any no. of times), by whom, and on what date with time. Its also give deleted Voucher History .
A control which forbids a sales transaction (sales order / delivery note/sales invoice) to be made to customers whose transactional value exceeds the set credit limit or any of the bills past due, with a facility to bypass the same by an authorized person. The system manages & generates an exception report highlighting all cases where the system was overridden.
Multiple level verification/authorization of a transaction before it is reflected in the books of accounts. The administrator can set the rights for users who can verify and authorize various voucher types.
A pack of highly utilized features for day to day operations. A must for all Tally users. Features like calendar, contact manager, soft colors, envelope printing, standard narration, etc.
Start sending SMS from Tally with a Single Click of Mouse. Inform your customers about material Dispatch, cheque Receipt or cheque Bounce, overdue bills, etc. Bulk SMS facilities to Customers, Dealers, Distributors, Agents, Sales Managers, Sales Executives, Employees, etc.
Keep track of the deleted voucher before finally purging it permanently. The deleted voucher can also be retrieved in case of a mistake.
Users can be blocked from viewing specific ledgers or group ledgers. Also, the ledgers & group of ledgers will not appear in any of the voucher entries. E.g. The exporter’s ledger group can be blocked to be seen by a specific user.
It restricts the user to select a specific godown during voucher entry. The restriction can be specified in the voucher type master. E.g. During sales voucher entry, the user can be restricted to sales from a particular godown say Bhiwandi warehouse.
This Module allows the display & selection of a stock item of a particular stock group during voucher entry. The restriction can be specified in the Voucher Type Master.
Attach multiple files along with your financial transactions & retrieve it without leaving your desk. Search your document with transaction no, type, ledger, date, document name, etc. Also, define meta tags with each document for faster & flexible search & access later on. Attach different types of files like doc, xls, pdf, jpg, etc & open it directly from the Tally application. Share documents electronically with colleagues and clients over a network, by email thereby improving internal operations & customer service.
Have the benefit of Auto-numbering for voucher types with the Manual Voucher Numbering method.
Restricts the listing of Unrequired Ledger while entering vouchers.
Restricts the listing of Unrequired Stock Items while entering vouchers.
Define and print Terms & Conditions with Stamp Signature in Invoice.
Material Requirement Planning (MRP) is an add on module to Tally.ERP 9, which allows the user to work out the production and purchase requirement based on the Tally data as to sales orders/ sales plans, pending purchase orders, minimum stocks, Reorder level, etc worked with the Bill of Materials for finished Goods and semi-finished goods.
Multi-method brokerage/commission payable generating module with various broker/sales agent-based analysis reports. The above works for Sales as well as Purchase.
Import Stock Items and Ledger Master from Excel into Tally(Specified Format).
Copy Company Type of Security & User name into another company.
Delete Unused (Zero Opening Balance, no transaction & no tracking) Ledger & Stock Item.
A smart system which will permanently resolve your Tally backup issue. Automatic backup ensures no need for human intervention and eradicating the chances of someone forgetting to take a backup. No timing issue. Now schedule & backup your data outside of working hours, that too without keeping the Tally application on. Smart backup incorporates the best practice, two-tier backup system, you have both local, immediate restore, and sharing data backup, combined with a secondary backup in an offsite location (cloud-based). Backup Log
Automatic or schedule entry into Tally from AMAZON, Sales, Credit Note, Receipt and Journal.
A seam-less E-invoice generation solution
A system which will support Department Master, Item Base Approved Vendor, Indent Creation with dept wise required qty and required date, email to an approved vendor for quotation, can feed offer rate and Valid date of rate from quotation comparison item-wise, vendor-wise, can create a purchase order to the vendor by tracking indent no, Indent Register, ident register and purchase order closed and pending qty.
For Order Approval on Mobile (1S1C) Support Android and IOS (can only run if you have a Voucher Authorised Module).
Email to all outstanding ledger on a single click, a customer email address must be entered in Master.
License Software, Antivirus license expiry Management, Policies like Insurance of Factory, Machinery, General Insurance, etc. expiry Management.

The above list is not comprehensive as we are constantly working and adding new solutions to provide effective and accurate solutions to satisfy the needs of our customers.

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