Saral Paypack

Saral Paypack Is

The complete payroll solution, right from Attendance Punching to Payslip generation which is highly customizable. Saral PayPack is built with the latest technology to make it powerful, yet easy-to-use. It makes payroll processing a simple job that any company can accomplish in-house. It is the most Comprehensive HR Solution catering to Recruitment Management, Time and Attendance Management, Payroll Management, Indian Labour Law Management, HR Communication Management, HR Office Management and also providing an EIP (Employee Information Portal).

Key Modules

Store and search resume to Schedule Interview. The complete Recruitment Management Process is automated.
Attendance, Integration with Time and attendance devices, Leave Allotment, Leave Encashment, Leave Application, and Approval system.
Recording Attendance, Processing Salary, Arrears, Gratuity, Loan, Medical reimbursement, etc.
PF, ESI, PT, TDS, and all Indian Labour act forms.
An automated tool to update each transaction with respect to HR activity to the staff and their higher-ups.
An automated emailing and documentation process related to HR Activity.
A self-login portal to have details about salary, leave, etc. it allows employees to apply for leave, claim various expenses and benefits.
Ensure a smooth exit of the employee by maintaining all the exit reports and automating the final settlement process.
Generate valuable reports on various payroll workings at different stages to provide an insight into the employee pay process.

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